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HVLS Fans at Warehouses

HVLS Fans at Warehouse

HVLS Ceiling fans for Warehouses

Warehouses are large spaces filled with equipment, employees, stored goods, and lighting. A lot of the equipment and lighting in the warehouses are prone to giving out heat. To ensure a comfortable experience for employees and also to prevent the degradation of stored goods due to temperature changes and moisture, it is very important to maintain adequate ventilation and constant air circulation.

Reasons for choosing HVLS Ceiling fans for Warehouses

HVLS fans, when introduced in warehouses of any size, can help improve the circulation of air, remove stale air and excessive moisture, avoid the creation of hot and cold zones in the space, and also help maintain a constant supply of fresh air. With the capability to move large columns of air and improve circulation, HVLS fans can be a cost effective method of air regulation in warehouses and result in considerable cost savings for the business owners while maintaining a conducive atmosphere for employees.

We invite you to see the difference

More Efficient

Built around German imported ABM Motors with 42CrMo output shafts and double tapered bearings for the highest efficiency and lowest maintenance.

360˚ Air Flow

Marley HVLS fans with high torque ensure a consistent rotation and a 360˚ degree air flow to ensure excellent courage of the space.

Silent Operation

The low-pressure aluminum construction, dust-proof oil seals, and superfine grinding come together to result in high efficiency and very silent operation.

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